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First Adaption Complete!

I finished the adaption for “The Frog Prince,” so all that’s left is to polish/script it and start drawing. I’ve also started writing the next adaption, with general character ideas in mind. First font is almost done, for lettering, and I can freehand some of the other stuff for now while the other fonts are still in the works. I’m currently hoping to have the teaser up by next Wednesday, and the first page up by next Friday, and I’m actually on schedule to do this too! I’m switching my sleep schedule to stay up at night for a bit, so I’ll have plenty of time to work without interruptions, except for my cats.

The first adaptation is pretty light, with some changes in story sequences and (hopefully) a bit more depth to the story/characters. Ideally, we’ll be seeing some of these characters, besides the witch, again in the future — I’m working on filling in more details (hence the maps) so that I can reuse some families/areas, if the story permits. I’m working on getting the first two families drawn out and characterized, before I expand to the other families. I’ll probably have some other recurring characters among the servants/peasants, animals, and non-humans, though I haven’t gotten quite that far yet.

Basically, everything is looking good so far, and I’ll have stuff to show within the coming days. [: