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I guess I’m a Streamer now? Weird.

With a long winter break coming up, I need to feel productive until my classes start up again. So, in the meantime, I plan to start streaming sometimes as a hobby, maybe turning into a side hustle if I can meet the Twitch/YouTube requirements to get access to payments. Until then (maybe), it’ll make video games feel a little less like a time sink and a little more productive. Like a real hobby.

While some of the games I like might not be the most entertaining to watch in real time, since they’re grindy games (WoW) or simulators (city builders), I’m thinking that maybe I can make them into guide videos for YouTube. I’ll probably need to play around with the SLOBS software some more to get the kind of output I want for creating such videos. I think that while I’ll have my live audio recorded, I might do voiceover for specific sections to address certain points or game mechanics (for a guide) that I might otherwise skip over while actively playing. In both cases, live or edited guide, I definitely want the game music to come through. I think I have the setup right, but I’ll have to get a recording to two to make sure.

I’ll still try to do art stuff as well, but I might focus more on stream support (making thumbnails, etc) than my own stuff. I’m still working on the story for Gauntlet, just very slowly. I definitely plan on streaming/uploading recordings of the creation process for pages, but I need to have some content for that first. I think I’ll work on the story over the Thanksgiving weekend, and at least get the prologue finished so I can maaaaybe get some pages up for the new year. I’ll have to see where my motivation levels are next month before making any real promises.

I will say, before anything happens, it would be interesting if I ended up blowing up online because I did start streaming. I know my humor tends to land pretty well — I don’t really make crude jokes that may offend, and I have a pretty quick wit. Though, I think my family would be in shock if I became a sort of comedian with what I want to do. I don’t think it’ll end up happening, but the thought is amusing. [: