Community Guidelines

When you comment on posts on this site, I ask the following:

  • Be respectful of other commenters. Don’t use use degrading or insulting language when speaking to/about another person, or use language in such a way as to antagonize or incite other users. Such comments will be removed and the user will be banned. Profanity is acceptable otherwise, but please use sparingly.
  • Please don’t self-promote in comments on this site, linked sites, or on any of my social media sites. Doing so will result in the comment(s) being removed, and the user being banned/blocked. If you are interested in affiliation, please email me ( to discuss it.
  • Contribute to the discussion! Even if it’s only you and me, I would like to see/have a conversation, rather than “cool” or “FIRST” or something else that doesn’t really require a reply. Simply put: don’t spam here.

I, Briar Rose, will have the final say in making decisions regarding comments on this site.