Community Guidelines

When you comment on posts on this site, I ask the following:

  • Be respectful of other commenters. Don’t use use degrading or insulting language when speaking to/about another person, or use language in such a way as to antagonize or incite other users. Such comments will be removed and the user will be banned. Profanity is acceptable otherwise, but please use sparingly.
  • Please don’t self-promote in comments on this site, the comic site, or on any of my social media sites. Doing so will result in the comment(s) being removed, and the user being banned/blocked. If you are interested in affiliation, please email me (
  • Contribute to the discussion! Even if it’s only you and me, I would like to see/have a conversation, rather than “cool” or “FIRST” or something else that doesn’t really require a reply. Simply put: don’t spam here.

I, Briar Rose, will have the final say in making decisions regarding comments on this site.