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Ever want to feel like a hacker? Just add Ubuntu!

Apparently, my hard drive with my windows install (and all my school files) decided it wanted to die last week. While I can still get it to spin up (sometimes), I’m holding off on recovering my files (and some programs) until I can get a new hard drive to replace it. In the meantime, I have a lovely little system on my other drive that allows me to get stuff done: Ubuntu.

Tux <3
(From Wikimedia)

[begin: meandering life story]
I’ve actually been using various flavors of Linux for a long time, starting sometime in the early ’00s. It started with I think Red Hat (I just knew it was some kind of Linux) on the “family” computer. I don’t remember why we switched, but I do remember Tux. We switched back to Windows XP before too long, but I was reintroduced a few years later. It started with Ubuntu Studio for me specifically, since I was already using open-source creative software on my windows PC. My step-dad installed the distro and set up a dual boot, so I could switch between studio space and Windows (98/ME, it was a weak system) for my games. I went between Ubuntu and Mint for a while in high school and the few years following.

While I was in the military, I had a thumb-drive that had Linux-to-Go (Ubuntu, of course) for when I needed a break from Windows or needed to do file recovery off the drive. I had plenty of practice using the various commands before setting up dual boot on my current machine. While I didn’t use Ubuntu much in the time leading up to the hard drive almost-failure, it was always an option for me.
[end: meandering life story]

With the dual boot on my storage drive, I was able to switch immediately. I’ll have to recover my school files and other important documents sometime soon. Thankfully, a lot of my personal work, photos, and (most importantly) games are still available to me.

Ubuntu 20.04: Focal Fossa

It does feel weird to be back on Linux again after so much time on Windows, even with a GUI. (Graphical User Interface) While I can use the GUI the same way as I would on Windows, sometimes I need the terminal. In these moments, I feel like a badass hacker, especially if I need to run some sort of script and the window keeps going after I type in the command. It feels like I’m hacking into a secret government server and getting past the firewall. Not really, of course, but it’s the little things that make using Linux/Ubuntu fun. [:

While I won’t make guarantees about the comic(s), I’ll try to get some work done soon. I’m doing summer classes now, but in the next two semesters I’ll have a mix of art and English classes. I’ll have more mental resources to dedicate to working on creating rather than processing information.


Whelp. So much for working on ANY comics.

So, I’m now in my next semester of school. And I may have fried my tablet. So, I won’t be able to draw for a while until I can get a replacement. RIP Wacom Bamboo, 2013-2020. ]’:

In the meantime, I’ll be posting stories and maybe some paper sketches. Most of the stories will be shorter, but I might post longer ones later once I get back into the swing of writing again. Outside of world building and character creation that I have been doing for my projects and adapting the Grimm’s stories, I really haven’t written stories of my own recently. I’m looking forward to writing again. I hope that I will be able to share some of these non-project stories here.